12.02.2014 - Elise will be teaching a studio on Wearables at Art Center in the Spring.

11.05.2014 - We were so happy to see our mentor John Maeda give a talk at UCLA this evening! Still a major inspiration and role model.

09.01.2014 - Nikita will be at Google Zeitgeist '14 Conference supporting our project with Sparks Interactive, the Play Chandelier.

07.22.2014 - Elise's work in computational fashion from her Masters years at MIT Media Lab is included in a new book by Susan Elizabeth Ryan, "Garments of Paradise: Wearable Discourse in the Digital Age" from the MIT Press.

06.02.2014 - Nikita will be teaching a workshop on Interaction at Disney's Creative Academy.

5.17.2104 - Just returned from a research trip to Tokyo, informing some of our internal projects - stay tuned!

4.04.2014 - Nikita is in China attending Hacker Camp Shenzhen, organized by Ian of Dangerous Prototypes. Also stopping by Maker Faire and fraternizing with Gus Hubert and his cohort at Next Thing Co.

12.30.2013 - Hard to update project news when most of our work these days is research-oriented and under NDA. But we've been working with several long-time clients on some great projects, including: interactive prototypes for near-future robotic home appliances; developing new sensing technologies and their applications to safety and interactive installations; concepting, design and prototyping for various products and experiences in the realms of education, play, and consumer electronics. 2013 has been our busyest year yet -- we're looking forward to more in 2014!

12.07.2013 - Nikita's artwork "Near Moon" is part of the Neon Workshop Fall 2013 show at Lakich Studio in Downtown LA.

10.31.2013 - Elise is getting sucked into cryptography, doing prep for a studio called "Ciphertexts and Cryptoblobs" she's teaching with Anne Burdick and Tim Durfee at Art Center's MDP.

10.15.2013 - We've been collaborating with Ipsos OTX to create Socialogue, an interactive exploration of data on worldwide, country-specific social media trends. Just launched.

09.10.2013 - This summer we've made strides on a couple of internal Aeolab projects: a tiny, low-cost SD-card-based mp3 player inspired by mixtapes; and a small, simple audio mixing hardware module. Both are designed to be used standalone, or as open-hardware starts to your own projects. More soon.

06.01.2013 - We are excited to have Tim Kim and Brandon Cheung to our team for the summer. They'll be working with us on both internal and client projects, and will have a hand in concepting, industrial and graphic design, hardware, software, you name it...

03.07.2013 - Elise is running Adventures in Computation at MDP. A solid week of immersion in computation, covering software and hardware, low-level logic and high-level abstraction, for helping to understand design parameters and ramifications around computational systems. Featuring Nikita as a special guest on state machines, as well as Yuri Suzuki covering friendly devices and Jeff Watson helping us explore games as interactive logic systems. Also with Casey Anderson on all kinds of digital glue.

08.09.2012 - Nikita travels to Shenzhen to hand over the development of a product prototype to a manufacturing partner in China.

07.18.2012 - Aeolab is in London to complete the work on BMW flagship showroom on Park Lane, again partnering with UeBERSEE.

03.23.2012 - BMW's George V showroom in Paris goes live with a facade-wide dMirror installation, done in collaboration with UeBERSEE.

01.11.2012 - Aeolab is hired by the research arm of a multinational mass media company to help design, prototype and bring to market an innovative consumer electronics product.

11.17.2011 - Nikita is jumpstarting a new monthly electronics event Open Hardware Meetup at The Public School.

08.15.2011 - The Trust Alarm Clock, a design research prototype we helped develop with Nokia's Advanced Design studio, is featured in Volume #28: The Internet of Things.

06.27.2011 - The Learning Style Assessment interactive we built for NBC'S Education Nation has been updated for 2011, and will be on view in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York.

06.05.2011 - Aeolab is spending a week in Barcelona!

05.21.2011 - Nikita is teaching an Interactive Lighting class at The Public School in Los Angeles.

4.20.2011 - Our 2010 and 2011 New Year videos will be part of a video series curated by BROODWORK for the Trajector Art Fair in conjunction with ArtBrussels.

05.02.2011 - Aeolab and Sparks collaborate on an interactive installation for Boston Scientific at Heart Rhythm Society conference taking place in Moscone Center, San Fransisco.

04.20.2011 - Elise & Nik will be teaching an advanced graduate seminar on data-driven interactive systems at Sci-Arc over the summer.

01.29.2011 - Formulae, our collection of revised motion graphics studies, is part of "MADE UP: Design's Fictions" exhibition at Art Center College of Design.

01.03.2011 - Happy New Year!

12.10.2010 - Nikita will be teaching a graduate seminar "Physical Computing: Sense, Process, Actuate" at Sci-Arc next semester.

10.23.2010 - Aeolab is visiting Seoul, Korea while working on a project for Samsung.

10.06.2010 - Elise and Nikita are going to participate in an IxDA panel Interactive Spaces - Art, Design & Engineering at the Art Institute of California on October 14th.

09.26.2010 - Aeolab has collaborated with IDEO on an interactive kiosk installation for the NBC Education Week event, taking place at Rockefeller Plaza in New York on September 26-30th.

08.20.2010 - Elise will be teaching the grad studio "Productive Interaction" with Phil van Allen in the Media Design Program at Art Center this fall.

07.01.2010 - Aeolab's Tilt+Squeeze user-interface project, a collaboration with Samsung Design America, is a finalist in the IDEA 2010 awards.

06.01.2010 - Elise and Nikita are teaching a grad seminar called "Data Topologies: Signal to Structure," on data collection, processing and visualization, at Sci-Arc this summer.

04.27.2010 - Aeolab's Lifestreams project, a collaboration with Experientia for Vodafone, is part of the exhibition "Design of the Other Things" at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. The show runs from May 26 to July 4.

01.02.2010 - Happy New Year from Aeolab!

12.20.2009 - Nikita will be teaching the grad seminar "Ambient Technologies" with Chandler McWilliams in the MediaSCAPES program at Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc) this spring.

12.20.2009 - Elise and Nikita are teaching the grad seminar "Experiments in Interactivity II" in the Interactive Media Division at USC next semester.

12.01.2009 - Elise will be teaching a grad studio called "Material Worlds," on materiality and digital-physical hybrid self, in the Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design next term.

04.26.09 - PeopleMover, one of our recent visualization projects for Nokia Design Strategic Projects Studio is featured on

04.25.09 - Nik is teaching an introductory electronics workshop at The Public School.

03.06.09 - Weather Making Balloon, our inflatable interactive artwork done in collaboration with Studio-Co is featured in Expo09 Mixer event at Eyebeam, New York.

01.14.09 - Aeolab welcomes its newest team-member, Felix Pashenkov-Co!

12.06.08 - Elise and Nik are teaching a two-session introductory electronics workshop at The Public School.

11.15.08 - Aeolab completes a project for Vodafone done in collaboration with the Italian company Experientia.

11.12.08 - Elise is teaching a graphics programming class OpenGL/C++ Primer at The Public School.

11.03.08 - Our Honda SEMA auto show project for Jeorge P. Johnson has gone live in Las Vegas.

10.24.08 - Aeolab organized and taught a sensors workshop for a corporate client.

10.15.08 - Jihyun Kim, a graduate of UCLA's Design | Media Arts program, will be working with Aeolab this fall.

08.20.08 - Nikita is teaching a one-day class on the gumstix computing platform at The Public School.

09.04.08 - Elise will be a thesis advisor at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena this school year.

06.11.08 - A short article on emerging display technologies by Elise Co and Nikita Pashenkov is published in the June issue of CACM.

06.04.08 - Justin Lui, a graduate student at UCLA's Design | Media Arts program, is joining our team for the summer 2008.

04.14.08 - Aeolab moves to a new office near Downtown LA.

03.01.08 - Elise has a residency at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center coming up, as an artist selected for their "Extending Creativity in Digital Media" program.

01.01.08 - Here's to another Happy New Year, folks! :)

10.08.07 - The Competitive Edge Landscape  launches for Future Boston.

07.15.07 - Check out a new site section that we are calling Aeolog

06.08.07 - Aeolab develops two kinetic-power device prototypes for the eco-friendly ODO electronics line concept by Sony.

05.15.07 - Aeolab and Frog Design complete a large-screen interactive installation for Mirax company headquarters in Russia.

01.20.07 - New research project: PSPlad, a building-blocks game for PlayStation Portable.

01.01.07 - Happy New Year everyone!

11.07.06 - Aeolab partners with frog design to develop a large-screen interactive installation.

10.15.06 - A revised take on Elise Co's luminescent raincoat classic Puddlejumper is currently on exhibit as part of the Futurotextiles show in Lille, France.

08.28.06 - Gizmodo interview with Elise Co, by Jonah Brucker-Cohen.

07.01.06 - Aeolab is currently developing sensor-actuated solid state lighting fixtures for custom installation in public and private spaces. Details forthcoming, or contact us for more information.

06.30.06 - Aeolab founder Elise Co will be leading a ReSkin Research and Development Lab in Canberra, Australia in January 2007 as part of an Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) initiative.

04.28.06 - Moodmark project receives Special Recognition Award from Sony Design Center.
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